The Central Connecticut area has a highly active real estate market.  Home ownership is for many people their most important investment.  When you are considering purchasing a home or investment property you should be represented by an experienced real estate attorney.  In Connecticut, the attorneys can represent buyers instead of title insurance companies.  The buyers are required by the lenders to purchase a title insurance policy when they purchase or refinance.  We are title insurance representatives for several companies, so we are familiar with writing these policies.  Buyer’s attorneys very often represent the lender as well as the buyers, we have been approved by many of the local and national lenders so we can represent both the buyer and lender and save you money.

Once you have decided to purchase real estate be sure to contact an attorney who can represent you at the closing.  The earlier we become involved the more we can do for you.  Often there may be wording in the Purchase and Sale Contract that needs to be explained or reviewed.  We are available to assist you from the beginning.  We also see many cases where the home inspection issues need to be resolved in very short time so it is best to have someone to represent you when time is of the essence.

Our firm has highly qualified attorneys, Joseph R. Crispino and Robert S. Stanek, who have many years of experience in these matters.  We have also developed positive relationships with realtors and lenders in the area so we can help you with the details of your closing.  It is also essential to have paralegals who are experience in real estate closings because they will be your immediate contact person during the closing process.  We have two real estate paralegals with many years of experience.  Please call us before you decide who will be representing your interests at a closing.  Our fees are competitive with other attorneys in the area.  We can explain them to you in detail once you call.

The real estate practice in Connecticut has undergone many changes in the past few years.  New banking regulations have been designed to make early disclosure of costs of closing mandatory.  We are prepared to provide you with explanations of any of these documents when needed.  We will also aggressively represent you if there are any disputes that arise during the closing process and to be sure that your rights are protected.