If you are buying and selling a business or commercial real estate, organizing a corporation, limited liability company, limited liability partnership, or closing a commercial loan it requires an attorney with special skills and a very comprehensive understanding of the requirements necessary to accomplish these tasks.  Attorney Robert S. Stanek has been assisting large and small companies for many years in these areas.  Whether it involves representing a bank or the business entity he has the expertise necessary in these special areas.

In many instances these business decisions require a working relationship between your attorney, your accountant, and your lender.  Attorney Stanek has worked with many businesses in the area over his 47 years in practice and he has a reputation of excellence in commercial transactions.  Before you plan any expansion, merger, sale or purchase of a business consult with him for expert advice.  Our firm will work with your banker and your accountant to determine the best solutions to your business needs.

Fees in these areas very depending on the nature of the transaction or the size of the loan or transaction.  Our fees are discussed with you in detail before you hire us. You may contact attorney Stanek at our office for an initial consultation.  There are many complex issues, including tax ramifications, that must be evaluated before you make a major decision that may affect your business.

Your business may also need to review or prepare commercial leases or subleases for your business property.  These documents must be carefully reviewed or prepared so that you are protected in case of any issues that arise as the Landlord or Tenant.  Lenders will also require that these leases be properly drafted and executed to protect their interest in the business property.  We have the experience and expertise to handle these matters.